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My name is Gašper Dolinar, 28 years old, born and raised in Dolenja vas, close to Škofja Loka. Since I remember, I was drawing and pencil was always my good friend. In primary school I started drawing more seriously, my technique improved and the teacher of the art class was also a painter and his support meant a lot to me. He saw the talent in me that I wasn’t aware of back then.

In early youth I started mountain biking (freestyle mountan bike) very seriously and all of my focus, effort and time was transfered into it. I was training and riding almost every day, my progress was constistent and it was all that I was doing. My passion, gift for painting and drawing was forgotten for some time.

Mountain biking was since then my biggest and most important passion, but with years I found out that for me personally is not about being the best, but to be the most creative self I can be. I’m constantly seeking for new aspects in things that people were always doing. Always striving to be authentic in what I do, to develop new styles and technques.

In December 2017 I left the job that I had and together with my girlfriend I went on a journey of a lifetime. At my previous job, at some point, I realized that I can’t grow anymore as a person. Therefore, I decided to let it go and started working more intensely on myself, to discover my highest potentials and do things I love the most. My curiosity for what life has to offer was immense and I just followed my intuition. 

Throughout the journey, I have started discovering more missing pieces of myself. I have started painting again and somehow, inspiration started calling me to create more. Soon my passion for sports became more like a retreat and recharge from creating when I need it, but, at the same time, a grounding root when art takes me “into the clouds of daydreaming,” so art and sports became like two fundamental pillars of my self-researching journey.

Now I am painting pictures with a message. I call my art “stories on a canvas.” Usually, a painting appears as a clear picture in my mind’s eye during meditation, and when I finish it, a message comes as an inspirational hit, where I feel like I need to write it down. So each painting is its own story of inspiration. They are painted to bring a wider audience closer to the thought that we should stay playful and creative no matter how our life turns out through aging, never stop learning, and that we are all artists here on this canvas of life. We should never forget where we’ve come from, one source of creative energy that gives life to all, and that everything is possible when we have a clear vision of our desires and future.

I discovered that we are precisely where we need to be at any point in our lives. There is no need to rush any process. Instead slow down and find what you are missing. Learn to set deeper questions to yourself because it’s never about what we don’t have but how we can create what we want with the tools that are accessible to us right now. And doing that is called the art of living. That process will give birth to the magic that will transform your life to a whole new level. And it will make you discover your inner greatness.

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Gasper Dolinar

Gasper Dolinar

CEO & founder of IDMP - Artist, freestyle mountain biker, filmmaker, public speaker, and video producer with immense imagination, where he gets ideas for all his paintings. His work has reached over

Maja Jerman

Co-founder of IDMP - digital content creator, web designer, writer and also biker, loves hiking and sports, nature and happens to be Gasper's girlfriend 🙂


Gašper Dolinar s.p., Vodice, Slovenia

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