My creativity flows through my brush onto the canvas and each work of art that I made is a reflection of my feelings, thoughts and how I see the world. Everything that I make is unique, it’s like a tree that grows from the seeds of my mind.

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Energetic and intuitive paintings

All my works are done from inside out. Every painting in my collection is the reflection of my feelings, thoughts and life itself. They represent the spiritual part of us and our lives, things that really matter, beyond the world we see with our eyes. In the world of inner peace, alignment, love and compassion.
I see every painting before I start it or just the particles of it during meditation. I transfer those pictures – glimpses of it out onto the canvas and the whole image gets the true meaning.

Support my work

If you like what I do or you would like to support me as an artist to develop my style, you can click on the link below for supporting me via PATREON site.
Thank you in advance, it trully means a lot to me that you see the potential and message in me and my works and I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart.


Gašper Dolinar s.p.
Vojsko 11
1217 Vodice, Slovenia

M: 0038640224298

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